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Matt Huff, Co-Founder/Creator

Rose Huff, Co-Founder

Rose and I met nearly ten years ago. We have been actively involved in veterans work with several organizations. Rose has over twenty years in the healthcare field as a nurse and I over twenty years in Federal service.

When I left the military after serving in the Gulf War, I longed for the brotherhood and comradery. I made unhealthy choices to deal with the void and at one point felt suicide would be a good choice. Many people have had trauma and we all deal with it in different ways. We often tell ourselves that I didn’t have it as bad as that other person so I should just suck it up.

We created this workout as a tool to generate the funds needed to help veterans find healing by using exercise as a prescription to better mental and physical health. We encourage you to support this cause. If you are a veteran and want a healthy outlet contact us via the contact us page or complete a Veteran Application.

Many have found healing through creating better habits of physical activity, proper counseling, and choosing to take that huge step of admitting you can’t do this alone. There is no reason to try and do it alone. Fill out the veteran application today or contact us for more information.

Matt and Rose Huff - Founders

Supporting Organization

The Bruce Cogley Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association is a 501c19 Veteran Organization (EIN 86-3074413) with the purpose of bringing awareness to the issues of PTSD and veteran suicide. All veterans with a desire to further the mission are welcome to join the chapter to assist in furthering the cause.

Bruce Cogley Chapter


Vets Only Chapter.  Please fill out our Contact Us Form and select "I want to join the chapter" in the drop-down menu item.